We had the opportunity to speak at ECC (Ealing Christian Centre). We’ve known this church and the people that attend this church for years. We feel a strong sense of family, love and home here. We had the chance to have a 3 service Sunday. All 3 services were incredible and filled with the holy spirit. The worship was absolutely incredible. You could tell the worship team was strongly anointed by the Lord as they sang and played the instruments. All 3 services went splendidly well. From testimonies to sermons to praying for people. We were genuinely touched with how many people came up to the altar for prayer. It’s amazing how God speaks to each individual person in individual ways. We watched as many people were so touched by what the Lord was speaking to them. It was quite evident that God was truly touching the hearts of these amazing people. There was smiles, there were tears, there were giggles of joy and the freedom from fears. One sweet woman of God came up for prayer and I had felt the Lord telling me that she was in a state of great mourning and depression that she couldn’t shake away. Through quite a detailed word that He had showed me I told her that God was taking away the rags of the mournfulness of sadness and replacing them with joyfulness and a new refreshing for life. She truly seemed touched. Later on my mom prayed for her and God had showed her the exact same thing. This beautiful lady said she really appreciated these words and that she took it as confirmation that the sadness she has been feeling will be replaced with a joy of the Lord. We saw many blessed and touched by God that beautiful day. And I say with genuineness that I can’t wait till we come back. ECC you have my heart. Until next time.

Hope Church

The final church we had the chance to preach at on this trip to Europe was a beautiful little church in Colchester England. The people here immediately took us in and treated us like family. There was such a spirit of togetherness and love here at this church that it filled my heart with joy. We had a 3 service conference on Saturday and a Sunday morning service at this wonderful church. The conference was focused mainly on the different aspects of the prophetic. Everyone came with the expectation to meet with the Lord. That spirit of expectation showed on the faces of each lovely person and radiated throughout the whole building. The whole family had the opportunity to speak and we also all had the opportunity to pray for most of the congregation. God truly spoke words of comfort, wisdom and guiding to his children. Although I personally don’t know the stories of all the people we prayed for I could tell by their faces and reactions that the Lord was speaking to them. The conference brought us all closer together with each other and with God. That closeness tumbled over into the next day to the Sunday morning service. The Holy Spirit flowed powerfully in that service. From the sermon, to testimonies, to praying for people God worked in great ways. I was genuinely saddened when we had to leave this amazing church but I know we will be back soon.

Remains of the oldest Christian church in Britain, located in Colchester.