We had the opportunity to preach at this lovely little church called Petra. It was fairly small in size but the people there had enormous hearts. Before the service started we had a time of prayer and interceding which was incredibly powerful. These beautiful people had such a heart of worship. As we sang and worshiped the Lord you could sense His holy spirit all throughout the building. All of the people in the congregation had come with an expectancy to meet with the Lord. Everyone sat on the edge of their seats as they eagerly awaited what was going to come next in the sermon. Some people showed they agreed with what was being said by shouts of “amen”, “preach it” and “hallelujah”. Towards the end people came up for prayer with such a hunger to receive from God. We saw the power of God working in wondrous ways as a lady came up for prayer and we watched as the Lord set her free from demonic trouble.

There was also this absolutely beautiful woman that you could see the love of the Lord shining radiantly all over her face. When I went up to pray for her I felt the Lord telling me that she will be called to minister and encourage children. Some of which who haven’t had the chance to even hearing the name of Jesus. When I told her this she was filled with emotion. She was laughing as tears also streamed down her face. She then proceeded to tell me that she’s studying to be a teacher. She told me that this was the exact confirmation that she needed. It’s amazing to see the Lord work in such incredible ways in so many amazing people. I’m so genuinely grateful to have gotten the chance to minister at such a lovely church.

Written by Shekinah