Friends, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas! 2017 has been an eventful year. We won’t try to rehearse all that has transpired, but a few highlights(and challenges).

This year has seen powerful ministry throughout Europe, the UK, and the Philippines, as well is in the US and Canada. Miracles of healing and deliverance(including of a paralyzed 84 year old witchdoctor in the Philippines), many finding forgiveness and new life in Christ and great numbers receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit from the Father, as well as the continued training and mentoring of a prophetic arising among the body of Christ and contending for a Great Awakening throughout the world, have all kept us running.

On a personal level, Shekinah has connected strongly with a wonderful youth group at our home church in Hampton, VA, and she turned Sweet 16! She had the joy of playing the role of a babysitter in a Christian movie called Finding Boaz. Many of you know that Shekinah loves acting and the theater.

As a young woman now, she is going to start taking on more responsibility within the ministry, including getting and keeping our ministry blog updated more often and trying to help us have a more effective web presence. She is a gifted writer(just like Kim) and also a talented photographer. We will be getting more information about this to you as things develop.

In family, the biggest news(and greatest challenge) is the diagnosis of cancer in Kim’s mom(Beverly Goodrick). She begins chemo on December 21. We are praying and believing for full healing.

With these family health challenges, Shekinah’s becoming a young woman and exploring God’s plan for her future, multiple invitations to the nations, the shifting role of itinerant(traveling) ministry in the western Church, and the fact that Kim and I have been going non-stop for more than 31 years in this Kingdom adventure, we really would appreciate your prayers and encouragement, and yes, financial support.

May all of you experience the atmosphere of heaven on earth(which is Jesus Himself) as you express the activity of heaven(the manifestation of His love and power) during this Holy season and throughout the New Year!

With love and thankfulness,

Russ, Kim & Shekinah Kline

Please feel free to contact us for more details about any of these areas of our lives and ministry, as well as with words of encouragement, wisdom, etc.

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