Concerning the current crises facing our nation and many nations of the world, we are not yet releasing any specific prophetic insight. However, like many of you, we have prayed and talked and read and are trying to discern the Truth in the midst of all the noise.

We are not in fear, but in faith. While the root word of this current virus(corona) can mean crown, our trust is in the King of Kings, who wears the Eternal Crown and has crowned His Church with Heavenly Authority.

We, like hopefully all of you, are taking extra precautions concerning health and hygiene.

And. we are praying for a swift end to this sickness(through divine and medical means), for peace and calm and common-sense among the general population, for divine protection, for compassion for our fellow-man, for great wisdom for President Trump and Vice President Pence and all of our leaders(whom we applaud for their great efforts), and for many other things too numerous to list in a shorter post.

However, we can’t help but believe that the deep state is probably salivating at the idea of using the current crisis to get their foot in the door for greater government control and socialism, trying to shut down the church, the ability to use fear to control people, destroy the economy, try to blame Trump for not enough response or over-reaction, etc.

But no weapon or scheme of the enemy(powers of hell and all who are working toward the outworking of hell’s intentions) will prosper! May we, individually, as well as our familes, the Church and our Nations turn to the Lord in humility and repentance, that He may hear from heaven, forgive our sin and heal our land!

We are praying and declaring the Kingdom and purposes of God in all matters, and that truly we are on the precipice of a Spiritual Great-Awakening in the USA and throughout the World!