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I really appreciated the word of the Lord that came to me through Russ…and that I took it as confirmation that the sadness I has been feeling will be replaced with a joy of the Lord AND IT WAS!


UK Outreach

I had felt drawn to this one lady and I felt the Lord giving me a word for her. I had seen her covered in sadness and she wore a black, raggedy, torn up coat. I then saw as Jesus walked towards her and He gently took the black, raggedy coat off of her and He replaced it with a sparkling, gorgeous white coat. Then I saw as Jesus started dancing with her as a father would dance with his little girl. As I told her this, her sweet eyes welled up with tears. This lady couldn’t speak English and I can’t speak French [although I wish I could cause it’s so romantic sounding] but thankfully we had a couple of people translate for us. Although I don’t think I was able to fully understand her story, I know the word truly touched her.


Paris Outreach

January Schedule

January 26 – Center of Hope – Venice, FL

February Schedule

February 2 – Legacy Life Church – Orlando, FL

February 8 – Victory:A Church of His Presence – Sarasota, FL

February 10 – The Front – Sarasota, FL

February 23 – Highway Tabernacle – Youngstown, OH

February 25 – The Filling Station – Smithfield, VA

March Schedule

March 4 – 8 – March Forth Event – Port Huron, MI

March 15 – The Grove Fellowship – Poplar Grove, IL

March 29 – Celebration Church – Des Moines, IA

April Schedule

April 5 – The Glory Barn – Branson, MO

April 19 – Point A/G – Downsville, LA

April 26 – Transforming Life AG – Tallahassee, FL

May Schedule

May 29 – Paris, France Pentecost Conference

Dates Available for 2020

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