We had the lovely opportunity to have a 3 service conference at this incredible little church in a beautiful place called the Isle of wight. Everyone at this church was so welcoming and they had such a love for the Lord. We had some amazing times of worship and prayer there. And my dad spoke some very powerful sermons that were evident they came straight from the heart of Christ. Throughout those 3 services we had the chance to pray for most of the people that attended the church. There was a beautiful girl that I had the opportunity to pray for. The Lord had showed me several things about her life where there has been hurt and turmoil. And the Father sees her as His beautiful daughter who is so precious to Him. When I told her, tears started brimming up in her eyes and soon began trickling down her lovely face. She told me later on how the word really impacted her and how it related to some things happening in her life at this time. She is such an amazing young lady and I can’t wait to see where the Lord leads her. There was this one lady who had come up for prayer and I had prayed for her and afterwards she told me that she had been diagnosed with cancer. I told her I would certainly keep her in my prayers. My parents hadn’t heard what she had said and a few minutes after she had told me God had given my mom a word. She didn’t specifically know who the word was for at that time. The word the Lord had given my mom was that Jesus Christ was the big C and she didn’t have to worry about the little c which was cancer. My dad asked the congregation if anyone there could identify with that word. I immediately turned my head to look at that lady. She came up to the altar with the biggest smile on her face and tears shimmering in her eyes. We prayed for her once again. Genuine thankfulness,hopefulness and trust in the Lord shone in her eyes. Later on we heard from this beautiful lady that the cancer in her lymph nodes has disappeared. The Lord has healed her. God is so incredible and amazing! There was so many amazing people we prayed for He did so many wonderful and exciting things throughout those 3 services. I truly love this church and all the people there. Hopefully we’ll come back soon.