This is Kim Kline. About a week and a half ago, before the nation went into such panic and shutdown, I had a prophetic dream. I saw a multitude of corona viruses up close, like I was looking at them through a microscope. As I focused on them, these crowned (corona) viruses moved around with a characteristic of what I would describe as haughtiness. In the dream, these corona viruses proudly marched from one place to another, leaving a wake of destruction wherever they decided to go and conquer. Their crowns shined around them as if they were the supreme rulers of the entire earth. In the dream the world looked to be bowing low before these crowned viruses. Then as the dream progressed I watched Christians from a multitude of nations rise to their feet and no longer bow to these tyrant virus rulers. These men and women and boys and girls completely turned around and focused instead on a gloriously crowned Jesus sitting upon His throne. Everything else – including the crowned viruses – seemed to melt away from their view as an all-encompassing Jesus filled every aspect of their vision. These ones called by His name were totally captivated by the majesty of their all-powerful Savior. The redeemed of the Lord bowed low to the ground before Him – not out of fear, like cowering and bowing to the crowned viruses – but out of pure love and adoration and worship. Then they all took the crowns from their own heads and with great humility cast them at the feet of Jesus. From each nation, as the crowns of the Christians went flying, any corona virus in the path to Jesus’ feet was obliterated instantly. There was such great healing power in each one of these cast crowns, that even when it barely grazed one of these tyrant viruses, the proud crown of the virus disintegrated upon contact, and then the center of the virus with no crown protecting it, was instantly erased, leaving no trace that the virus had ever even been there. As more and more humbly cast their crowns the atmosphere was saturated with great praise to the Lord alone, and there was no place a virus could hide. These crowned viruses ruled no more – and in fact were completely eradicated from existence – as the crowns of God’s people were freely cast at the feet of Jesus with great humility. Then I awakened. And I pray that all who belong to Jesus awaken. Blessings, Kim