The lovely church that is our home church in London has many amazing things and classes going on every day. There are many different churches that meet in the church building along with different meetings held here that teach so many different aspects to the prophetic and evangelism. We had the great opportunity to teach and speak at one of those evangelism meetings. Everyone had a hunger and a passion to share the gospel with people. My dad is truly in his element when it comes to evangelism and telling the gospel to people who haven’t heard about Jesus. The people at the meeting soaked every word in that my dad spoke so they could get an even better understanding of evangelism and the awesomeness of God. As the night went on we did some evangelism activations which were great. As I spoke to the people there I could really see their true heart for the Lord. I can’t wait to see where God will take these lovely people.

P.S. The next day my dad went with them as they went out to different places to share the gospel to people which was an incredible experience.